10 Best CBD Oils & How to Choose One

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Ten best CBD oils: considering and choosing

CBD oil takes a bigger pace in the 21st century – this substance is used widely to treat various health issues and diseases – and it is its primary use. However, it is also possible to use CBD oil as a recreational remedy to increase own level of socialization but without ‘getting high’ – as CBD oil is purified from the substances causing high. In the number of US states, however, it is legal to use cannabis to get stoned – if you are ready to deal with potential side effects that non-purified cannabis is going to deliver your body (including nausea, vomiting, imperception of reality and time, inability to control own body, the desire to drink and eat, dehydration and chest pain, tremors, shivers). CBD oil does not have all these but gives the sensation of ease and relaxation. Patients treated with CBD oil feel the improvement of their pains, inflammations, and other health issues. 

In today’s article, we are going to consider 10 remedies that are manufactured for health purposes, look at their content, cost, and potency.


What is the CBD oil: quick summary

The chemical formula C21H30O2 that CBD oil has is similar to the formula of tetrahydrocannabinol of marijuana with the difference of how this formula is arranged inside of molecule. Thanks to a tiny difference, tetrahydrocannabinol (otherwise known as THC) works on the body as a stoner while CBD oil does not. This is the main legal issue between these two as well – even UN recommends using CBD oil as a treatment considering its complete safety for the body, while most countries and states forbid THC, as it is not safe for health and self-feeling of a human being and pets.

CBD oil can, however, contain some amount of THC but as long as it has only the trace amount of it (up to 0.3% to make it legal to use), it will not have any adverse effects on the body.

There are, nevertheless, side effects of CBD oil and they are:

  • Nausea

  • Dry mouth

  • Drowsiness and dizziness

  • Diarrhea

  • Changes in mood and appetite (decreased, increased, depressed)

  • Anxiety.

These effects may occur because of individual intolerance to CBD oil as well as due to large initially taken dose, much larger than the body needed. Before starting taking CBD oil in any of its forms and buying substances with its content produced by any manufacturer, you should speak with your doctor and make sure that it is CBD oil that you need among the entire variety of other substances for medical treatment.

The amount of taken CBD oil will depend on multiple factors:

  • your bodyweight

  • experience in taking CBD or THC – how much your body got used to them

  • the type of your ailment

  • personal ability to tolerate CBD – if you know this.

There are multiple ways to take CBD:

  • tinctures

  • tablets

  • sprays

  • ointments

  • inhalations

  • chewable jellies

  • CBD oil capsules.

These things additionally may be included in CBD oil:

  • chlorophyll

  • fatty acids

  • fiber

  • flavonoids

  • proteins

  • terpenes.


10 best CBD oil brands that we would like to highlight: CBD oil reviews

  • Sisters of the Valley CBD Infused Oil
  • 4 Corners Cannabis Oral Tincture
  • Mana Artisan Botanics Hemp Oil
  • Lazarus Naturals High Potency CBD Tincture
  • Flora Sophia Botanicals Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Charlotte’s Web Full Strength CBD Oil
  • Receptra Naturals Pure Hemp CBD Oil
  • Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
  • Eureka Effects full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Zion Medicinals Organic Spagyric Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


1. Sisters of the Valley CBD Infused Oil

Price of this CBD oil

25 US dollars for a bottle of 15 ml

The potency of CBD oil

130 mg per 1 bottle containing 15 ml

Analysis of CBD oil

The insertion list comes with the remedy and you can read about CBD oil online on the product page

What is included (in addition to CBD oil)

Oil of coconut, orange & hemp, as well as some essential oils


No flavor


Products having small content of CBD oil are perfect for novices, who only want to try some CBD oil for the first time in their lives. On the official site of the manufacturer, sistersofcbd.com, one can find many other products and know now where to buy CBD oil:

  • Topical creams

  • Infused oil with a dropper

  • Gelcaps

  • Bundles

  • Sprays

  • Tinctures (with alcohol)

  • Apparel – if you simply like the Sisters of Valley’s logo and want to help them by buying their merch.

Their products contain a different number of CBD oil – up to 2,500 mg. Besides the no-scent option of Sisters of the Valley CBD Infused Oil, other products may be scented with mint, lavender, and ginger.


2. 4 Corners Cannabis Oral Tincture

CBD oil cost

59.95 US dollars for a bottle of 15 ml

The potency of CBD oil

250 mg per 1 bottle containing 15 ml

Analysis of CBD oil

Read it online on the product page

What is included (in addition to CBD oil)

Limonene, CBD dominant hemp extract, MCT oil


Orange and coconut – very light scents


This tincture is to be taken orally – on its own or as a mixture with your favorite drink or sweet food – thanks to light scents of orange and coconut.

The product is well for reduction of feelings of fear, depression, anxiety, and it imposes tranquility. It is nice to use before bedtime. The purity of the hemp oil CBD that is contained here is reached by three stages of filtration that the oil is given.

The company is based in Colorado and each hemp plant that is used as a raw material to make a product is grown in the US exclusively. 

The site of the manufacturer is 4cornerscannabis.com but as of the moment of writing this article, the account was suspended and wasn’t served. We are hoping to hear from these guys soon again.


3. Mana Artisan Botanics Hemp Oil

CBD oil prices

75 US dollars for a bottle of 30 ml

The potency of CBD oil

300 mg per 1 bottle containing 30 ml

Analysis of CBD oil

No product page or insertion to the remedy is available for public access – you should e-mail company to receive the results

What is included (in addition to CBD oil)

Coconut oil, turmeric, hemp oil, vanilla, macadamia oil


coconut, macadamia nut oil


This company is based in Hawaii so no wonder that it uses most of the raw materials growing on this island, including macadamia nut (it is not imported from Africa, where it grows the most). 

Mana Artisan Botanics Hemp Oil is good for general symptoms, which are treated with CBD oil: depression, anxiety, inflammations, arthritis, pain in muscles, back, and belly, as well as headache. Mental clarity is reached as one of the effects of CBD oil. 

Depending on the type of product by this company, you can find different flavors. Some of them, like macadamia nut oil, can be exotic for people living in the cold states and ones unfamiliar with this sweet-and-salty-cocoa-chocolate-like taste and smell.


4. Lazarus Naturals High Potency CBD Tincture

Price of this cheap CBD oil

Starting with 32 US dollars for a bottle of 15 ml

The potency of CBD oil

750 mg per 1 bottle containing 15 ml

Analysis of CBD oil

Read it online on the product page

What is included (in addition to CBD oil)

Oil and extract of hemp, coconut oil, flavors (when a product is flavored)


  1. No flavor

  2. Mint

  3. Tropical

  4. Orange

  5. Vanilla

  6. Chocolate with mint.


The company offers wide discount programs enacted on a constant basis for such categories of users:

  1. Ones having low income.

  2. People having a medical disability for the long term.

  3. Veterans.


All products are good for vegans, do not contain GMO, and have a full spectrum of action. The product contains 1.6 mg of the active substance per drop and comes in such volumes: 750 mg, 3,000 mg, and 6,000 mg. Thanks to the precise dropper, you will not have any problems with taking the remedy. The full effect may occur in a period of up to 2 hours. 50 mg is recommended for intake as one optimal serving but in either case, you should speak with your doctor for the intake and the action of CBD oil contained inside of this bottle.


5. Flora Sophia Botanicals Full Spectrum Hemp Extract


55 US dollars for a bottle of 30 ml

The potency of the remedy of CBD oil brands

800 mg per 1 bottle containing 30 ml

Analysis of CBD oil

Read it online on the product page

What is included (in addition to CBD oil)

Natural coconut oil, Vitamin E, oil of hemp


No flavor


The company offers discounts for people who have long-going chronic health conditions – they can buy it on wholesale prices. 

The site of the company is florasophiabotanicals.com and in their shop, they also have:

  • Hemp extracts

  • Topicals

  • Solid perfumes

  • Hemp strains

  • CBD honey (which you can buy in a stick for 4 USD or as a pack of 5 sticks for $15). 

The company also sells chronic care packs, which cost from 350 to 450 USD depending on the number of mg included in the pack – 1,600 mg or 2,100 mg.

Thanks to the full range of action of the product, it is possible to use CBD oil for pain, migraines, anxiety, depression, as well as to use for all types of other purposes that CBD oil is usually used for.

The company claims to grow own raw product with own hands, not giving this part of the manufacturing process to anyone to be completely in touch with the plant.


6. Charlotte’s Web Full Strength CBD Oil 

Price to buy cannabidiol oil

39.99 US dollars for a bottle of 30 ml

The concentration of the remedy

Around 300 mg per 1 bottle containing 30 ml but can be lesser, starting with 7 mg per 1 ml

Analysis of CBD oil

Read it online on the product page

What is included (in addition to CBD oil)

Natural oil of hemp and its extract, nice scents of natural origin


Chocolate with mint; olive oil; orange; fresh lemon

It is possible to receive the discounted pricing if you are a veteran and subscribe to their program for vets. 

The CBD oil is taken orally – this is easy thanks to a pipette that is contained in a cap. Not only people may use the products of the company but also pets – there are dedicated pieces for them. Charlotte’s Web Full Strength CBD Oil contains around 80 phytocannabinoids and other substances that are to enhance the action of pure CBD oil. 

The company offers 30-day money back option if you happen to dislike the product or did not feel the advertized action. 

Following the complete naturalness in its working approach, the manufacturer does not use any colorants or additives to make their product always look the same from batch to batch. It understands that the naturally grown product may differ in color and other physical properties and you should too. 


7. Receptra Naturals Pure Hemp CBD Oil

Price of cannabidiol CBD oil

39.95 US dollars for a bottle of 15 ml

The potency of CBD oil

375 mg per 1 bottle containing 15 ml

Analysis of CBD oil

Read it online on the product page

What is included (in addition to CBD oil)

Oils of sunflower and coconut; natural flavors; hemp extract



If you are purchasing for 100 USD and over, receive the free shipping (throughout the continental US part only). Also, the company offers wholesale prices – if you want to sell their product in large amounts as a retail partner. Usually, all deliveries take no more than 3 business days from the moment of payment for the order.

The list of products that the company also sells includes:

  • bundles

  • active CBD oils

  • body butter

  • lip balms (which is kinda novelty if to consider products of all other manufacturers on our list)

  • usual CBD oils

  • pet products

  • targeted topicals.

The discount program that a company has offers you to gain points for each purchase. Collecting them, after some moment, you can exchange those points for a price discount.


8. Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Tincture 


39.99 US dollars for a bottle of 30 ml

The potency of CBD oil

250 mg per 1 bottle containing 30 ml

Analysis of CBD oil

Read it online on the product page

What is included (in addition to CBD oil)

Coconut oil, Stevia, hemp oil, essential oils


  1. No flavor

  2. Peppermint

  3. Watermelon

  4. Citrus

  5. Strawberry.


This product offers options of low potency – and this circumstance makes it a wonderful starting point for beginners, who did not deal previously with CBD oil. But if you are a person with experience, in the product catalog, you can choose the potency of the remedy – from 250 mg through 500 mg, 1,000 mg & 1,500 mg to 2,000 mg.

The product that this company provides, CBD oil, is not completely purified from THC – it has up 0.3% of it in every flask or ointment. Do not overdo with your daily value of intake because this oil is not completely purified. Speak with your doctor before you are going to start taking CBD oil. 

Use this product to treat headache, back and limbs pain, arthritis, bad mood. You can be sure about its naturalness, as the company-manufacturer uses methods of growing the raw material not exhausting the land resource. 


9. Eureka Effects Full Spectrum CBD


39.99 US dollars for a bottle of 30 ml

The potency of CBD oil

500 mg per 1 bottle containing 30 ml

Analysis of CBD oil

Read it online on the product page

What is included (in addition to CBD oil)

Hemp oil


No flavor

Colorado is the place of origin of the plant for manufacturing of the product Eureka Effects Full Spectrum CBD. 

The manufacturer advises taking 1 or 2 full droppers of the remedy by day (each dropper contains 15 mg of the active substance). A buyer is to pay for shipping – there are no discounts on shipping in this company – $7.15 per each shipment or order and it is going to be delivered by USPS.

The shop of Eureca Effects (eurekacbd.com) has such products:

  • packages

  • tinctures

  • capsules

  • and for pets.

The company has own lab for manufacturing and testing of the product to improve the sustainable quality of each batch in terms of purity, potency, and legality of THC content.


10. Zion Medicinals Organic Spagyric Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Price of this organic CBD oil

44.99 US dollars for a bottle of 30 ml

The potency of CBD oil

250 mg per 1 bottle containing 30 ml

Analysis of CBD oil

Read it online on the product page

What is included (in addition to CBD oil)

Hemp oil, coconut oil


No flavor


The company gives discounts on its products only if a buyer has a subscription to their services. 

The product is of general direction and suits to work favorably on every state of the body, which CBD oil is destined to treat: pains, arthritis, anxiety, stress, depression, sleep problems, inflammations, and others. 

The manufacturer says that it uses the so-called ‘spagyric processing’, which actually derives from the alchemy and today, in addition to being a word from alchemy, means fermentation, distillation, and extraction of mineral components from the ash of the plant. That is, what these guys do completely differs from the process of manufacturing of other companies on the market – they get the leftovers of useful substances from the burnt plant’s ashes, while others just press oil from parts of alive plants. Maybe, this explains the larger pricing than the rest of the market has.


FAQ about CBD oil

  • How much CBD oil should I take?

The things depend on how many weight your body has, if there is individual intolerance to the CBD oil or THC, which may be a part of the product (the most companies on our list do have THC in the content, up to 0.3%, as it is regulated by the law), and your state of ailment – which one exactly you are treating.

If your doctor doesn’t say anything about how much you should take (which is unlikely, however), then orient at what the manufacturer says in the leaflet or an insertion list that comes with every piece of CBD oil product. If it doesn’t say there or if you can’t find this information in the online description of a product, then orient yourself at 10-20 mg of CBD oil per day, for a start, no more. If you feel that this dose is too high to you, then lower it down twofold during the next intake. If, on the contrary, you don’t feel anything after such dose – try increasing it twofold during the next intake. 


  • How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

It depends on the person and may largely vary. As a rule, in most cases, the tangible effect is felt in 30-120 minutes from the intake. Do not try to take another dose or several doses if you don’t feel anything during this time!

In some people, it may require days and weeks to have any tangible effect – cumulative for the body – in treatment of such states as insomnia, regular pains, and anxiety. While some others can feel an effect from the very first intake. 

If you are rubbing it in the skin, the effect starts usually in 20 minutes. Inhaling it as a vapor or smoke, you can feel the effect in minutes. That is, things are highly individual.


  • How to use cannabidiol oil?

The form of the product with CBD oil is usually defined by the manufacturer and can be in the form of:

  • chewable gummies

  • tinctures

  • vape

  • ointments

  • lip balm

  • droplets

  • tablets

  • sublingual.

You will understand how to use the remedy after you will have bought it – as the form of it will not leave doubts. 


  • How does CBD oil work?

It affects the human receptors, which are a part of the endocannabinoid system or ECS. Normally, it produces some amount of cannabinoids for the body, which are required for a number of systems of the human body – like nervous, breathing, reacting, immune. Cannabinoids work positively on connective tissues of the body, heart, and brain, too. When molecules of CBD oil come into contact with these receptors, they tell the ECS to produce more cannabinoids.


  • Is cannabidiol safe?

It is not completely safe – as CBD oil side effects can be manifested in diarrhea, dry mouth and drowsiness, irritability and fatigue, reduced or increased appetite. Also, some individual reactions may occur – like headache, dizziness, anxiety.

Some effects may live for tens of minutes, while others live for hours or during the entire time as a person takes CBD oil. In this case, to stop the side effects completely, a person shall stop taking CBD oil. CBD oil does not have any psychoactive ingredients and if it has some trace amount of THC, it can only work on the mental state of a person adversely. In other cases, mostly, it works positively and does not cause the feeling of being ‘stoned’ unlike THC-containing recreational substances.  

However, in addition to its possible negative side effects, it does not cause addiction – even during the long-term use – and, therefore, considered an optimal replacement for some chemical drugs, like benzodiazepines, which are highly addictive and have severe adverse effects, in addition to the fact of being hard to withdraw as the time of withdrawal comes. There is no withdrawal symptom in CBD oil. 


  • Is CBD oil legal?

It is not in every single country in the world and in every state. If CBD oil is purified enough from THC and has below than 0.3% of THC in its content, then it is safe and legal to use, buy and sell such product across all the United States. If it has over 0.3%, then it is legal only in those states, which have legalized THC (recreational marijuana). 

In the world, there is a list of countries, which may have legalized CBD oil or not and recreational marijuana. To use ones in those countries, you have to find out the rules beforehand.


  • What is CBD oil good for?

Health CBD oil benefits that we have listed above several times are the main benefits of CBD oil.


  • What is the difference between hemp oil and cannabidiol CBD oil?

CBD oil is done from parts of the adult plant – usually, stalks and flowers. Hemp oil comes from its seeds. Hemp oil is largely added to CBD oil to dilute it and give a number of useful substances to the remedy, to enhance its power and to give a scent of natural marijuana. However, the scent may be another one – as not so many people adore the ‘earthy’ smell of the plant and prefer better tastes.

While CBD oil’s primary usage is for health issues, hemp oil is actively used in cooking and cosmetology – thanks to many standalone useful substances of hemp oil.


  • How long does CBD oil stay in your system?

It is impossible to say unequivocally, as things largely depend on many factors, such as:

  • bodyweight

  • age and gender of a person

  • previous experience of taking CBD

  • if the substance’s intake was mixed with anything or not, and other factors.

Different pieces of research tell that the half-life of CBD oil occurs in 4 hours… 5 days, which means that traceable amounts of CBD oil are going to be found in the blood for 1 day… 2 weeks, while the residual amounts of CBD oil are going to reside in the blood up to 1 month. So it is inadvisable to undergo the drug test in 2 weeks after you will have taken CBD oil (even though such tests tend to be accurate, it is still an unpredictable chance of passing such test as drug-positive).


  • Helpful CBD Terms when you buy CBD oil

  1. Cannabis – the species of plants that manufacturers process to receive CBD oil, which may or may not have some amounts of THC (thus, the CBD oil may be of high or low purification).

  2. Cannabis Sativa L. – the plant used to produce CBD oil and which almost does not contain THC.

  3. Marijuana – dried flowers & leaves that are used by people to get high.

  4. RC (Recreational Marijuana) – taking marijuana in one of several existing ways to get high & relaxed.

  5. MM (Medical Marijuana) – approved extracts from the hemp plant, which are used not to get high but to become an effective remedy in medical goals, mostly, for treatment.

  6. Hemp oil – oil that manufacturers receive from crushed seeds. Its primary use is for cosmetic and cooking purposes. 

  7. Cannabinoids – molecules of substances that fall under the definition of RC and MM, being collected by the umbrella of chemical formula C21H30O2.

  8. Terpenes – molecules of scent in RC and MM plants, which give a characteristic smell.

  9. Endocannabinoid System of the human – the system, which produces endocannabinoids, which are required by a number of systems of the human body during the normal living process.

  10. Endocannabinoid Receptors – a part of the Endocannabinoid System of the human, which interact with RC & MM as marijuana (in all ways) arrives into the body of a person.

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